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Thread: Oracle 10g install on W2K

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    Oracle 10g install on W2K

    Hi all,

    I installed the software only option for Oracle 10g on W2K. We have some 9i databases on there already. Now, whenever i do sqlplus it kicks of the the 10g version but logs me into the 9i database. I need to clone a current 9i database to another 9i version on the same box, however i cant get the the 9i version of sqlplus to create the db. Is there a problem with the PATHS?. I.E 10g taking precendence over 9i. I tried switching homes so that it picks up the right version of version of sqlplus but it still bought but 10g version. Any ideas?


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    How are you kicking off SQLPlus? By clicking on an icon? If so, which directory is the icon pointing to? (9i & 10g will each have their own versions of the .exe file)

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    Have you tried just navigating via Explorer to either of the \bin folders and double-clicking the SQLPlus.exe files? Works for me in my 817 and 9205 homes.

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