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    I recently purchased Solaris 8 and got an oracle 8.1.5 cd with it. When I try to start the instance, I get :

    Ora-01078 failure in processing system parameters.

    I have verified the /etc/system entries for oracle they are set as follows :

    shmmax = 429496729500 ( I have tried 32000 upwards)
    shmmin = 1
    shmmni = 1000
    shmseg = 100

    semmni = 100
    semmsl = 100
    semmns = 1024
    semopm = 100

    My hardware is as follows :
    Pentium Clarion
    128 MB Ram
    30GB storage

    Operating System : Solaris 8 (intel)

    Any Ideas?

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    Wink Oracle 8.1.5 on Solaris 8 (intel)

    There are many Notes on Metalink that refer to your problem. Below is just one:

    Problem Description:

    You have just installed Oracle 8.1.5. You are not using java and set the
    JAVA_POOL_SIZE = 0 in the init.ora. On startup you get the following error:

    ORA-01078: failure in processing initialization parameters
    Cause: A failure occurred during processing of the initialization
    parameters during system startup.
    Action: Refer to the diagnostic information in the accompanying message
    stack and take appropriate action.

    Solution Description:

    Set the JAVA_POOL_SIZE to a value greater than or equal to 1MB.


    In 8.1.5 the minimum setting for the java_pool_size is 1MB due to a bug.
    In 8.1.6, you can set the java_pool_size to 0, but 32768 will show up in a
    SHOW PARAMETER command.

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    Thanks mhaller

    The java_pool_size did the trick. Thanks Again

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