RDBMS Version:
Operating System and Version: Solaris 10
Error Number (if applicable):
Product (i.e. SQL*Loader, Import, etc.): dbca
Product Version:

DBCA says The current version of CRS is null

I have installed the Oracle clusterware and then patched it to sucessfully.

Then I have installed the Oracle database software and installed the patch sucessfully.

Now I am going to install the DBCA.
I have selected the "Oracle Real Application cluster database" from the first screen.
I have selected "create a database" from the second screen and clicked next.
I got a popup window with a message :

"The current version of CRS is: null. Please upgrade CRS to version 10.2 before continuing. If a rolling upgrade of CRS was in progress, complete that first."

Now I am not able to proceed further.

Please help.

Arun Tayal