I have a form to collect meeting information. One type of information is who attended, so we might have 8 attendies, as an example. Usually in this case, I write 8 entries into the database. All have the same form information but the attendies names are the difference. Then when I query, I group them together (I believe).

Thing is, I've never done a form where there was more than one field that had this type of variance. Now, I have a "takeaways" field that stores the path to a file. There can be several takeaways. I'm not sure how to approach this. Do I insert a takeaway entry for each name variance? IOW, say I have 8 names and 2 takeaways. Would I write 16 entries just to cover the one form entry?

Clearly I'm not advanced at DB work, so I would like a simple approach.

thank you.