Full Import Taking Lot of Time
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Thread: Full Import Taking Lot of Time

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    Unhappy Full Import Taking Lot of Time

    Dear All,

    O.S.: Sun Solaris 5.9
    DBSize (Logical): 27GB
    Export Dump Size (FULL=Y): 12GB

    Export command:

    exp username/password file='/pathname/filename.dmp' log='/pathname/filename.log' full=Y statistics=none compress=n buffer=10000000 feedback=100000

    Now, export Backup takes 1 hour or maximum 1.5 hours to complete.

    Import command:

    imp username/password FILE='/pathname/filename.dmp' LOG='/pathname/imp_filename.log' FULL=y IGNORE=y COMMIT=y BUFFER=20000000 FEEDBACK=100000 statistics=none

    Import takes more than 12 hours to complete.

    Now, some of the parameters which might put some more light:

    SGA size: 1GB
    Buffer cache size: 500M
    Shared Pool: 300M
    Redo Log size: 5 groups (100M each)

    Please advise, as to why does importing takes such a longtime ?

    Datafiles/Redo Log Files and export Dump file are all placed on three different partitions.

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    1) dont use exp / imp for backups - you will end up losing data
    2) if you must, use indexes=no then create the indexes in parallel

    12 hours isnt a long time for 27gb worth of data, seems fine as it is

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    1. Use IxUnload to extract the data.
    2. Use exp/import for structure.

    3. Use SQLLDR direct path option and data extracted from step 1.

    This will be orders of magnitude faster than export/import.


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