I was wondering if any experienced DBAs could give me a little advice. I am trying to get my first DBA job and have read all about how hard it is to do without experience. Although I have never been an Oracle DBA (as a job title or role), I recently worked for a company for 5 years that developed client/server Oracle based software for Pharmaceutical companies (as a Systems Engineer II). Over the 5 years I worked with Oracle 8, 9i and 10g because I built Compaq servers and installed and configured Oracle and our client/server app. I also went to customer sites and performed migrations and validations and troubleshooting. I have set up a few small RAC test environments and learned PLSQL and RMAN pretty good. I recently obtained my Oracle 9i and 10g OCP and need to start looking for a new job because my company went under.

Does anyone think I have enough qualifications to obtain an Oracle position or will I need to get a job doing what I did and try to get the job internally?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.