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Thread: inst-5124 error during configuration of OID

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    inst-5124 error during configuration of OID

    Dear all,

    I have a Linux server, which already has an OID runing. I am trying to install a different verseion of OID on the same server using different home, different database, and diferent ports. I have no problem installing WLS, OIM; however during configuration of OID, I run into "INST-5124: Could not connect to the Database with the given credentials".

    I checked the database and was able to connect using the credential in the configuration either from locally or remotely from my desktop client connection. I am not sure what could go wrong with this. Can anyone shed a light on it?


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    Do you have a port conflict? You should check and see what ports both installations are using.
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    The new ports are opened, there is no conflict on the ports.

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