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    Rman Recovery

    Hi All
    I am testing Rman recovery process. I have created a tablespace, and a table that I nhave populated with 150 records.

    I took incr_0 backup (Full database backup)

    Dropped the table and invoked Rman to do the restore and the recovery.

    Recovery completed successfully with no error. When I went to look for the table I have dropped it was not there. why will rman recovery be successful and the table recovered not there? I expect to see the table I have been recovered there. Any idea or sugestion?

    RMAN> connect target /

    connected to target database: DEV9002 (DBID=3694154766)

    rman> sql "alter tablespace TRISTA offline immediate";

    allocate channel dev_0 type sbt_tape;
    allocate channel dev_1 type sbt_tape;
    restore tablespace TRISTA ;
    recover tablespace TRISTA delete archivelog;

    RMAN> sql "alter tablespace TRISTA online";

    Starting recover at 06-OCT-06
    channel dev_0: starting incremental datafile backupset restore
    channel dev_0: specifying datafile(s) to restore from backup set
    destination for restore of datafile 00013: /dbs9200/data3/TRISTA1.dbf
    [Normal] From: OB2BAR_Oracle8@hpxndX2.srv.verzac.com "DEV9002" Time: 10/06/06 14:26:09
    Starting OB2BAR Restore: 05 hpxndX2.srv.verzac.com _DEV9002_incr_1.dbf // Oracle8

    [Normal] From: OB2BAR_Oracle8@hpxndX2.srv.verzac.com "dbs9200" Time: 10/06/06 14:26:10
    Completed OB2BAR Restore: 05 hpxndX2.srv.verzac.com :hpxndX2_dbs9200_incr_1.dbf // Oracle8

    channel dev_0: restored backup piece 1
    piece handle=hpxndX2_dbs9200_incr_1.dbf tag=TAG20061006T130357 params=NULL
    channel dev_0: restore complete

    starting media recovery
    media recovery complete

    Finished recover at 06-OCT-06
    released channel: dev_1
    released channel: dev_0

    RMAN> sql "alter tablespace TRISTA online";

    sql statement: alter tablespace TRISTA online

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