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Thread: Intermedia

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    Hello, I am having problems with a intermedia text query.
    The problem is this:

    when I issue a select statement such as

    select colum1 from some_table where contains(column2,'blah',1) >0;

    I get my results just fine. As soon as I add
    the score(1) operater like

    select column1,score(1) from some_tabl where contains(column2,'blah',1) >0

    the query just hangs. I am running these
    queries from a web application so the browser
    just cranks away, never returning anything. I have used
    these queries before and never had a problem. If anyone
    has any ideas, I would greatly appreciate them


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    Jun 2000
    Have you tried running the command from sqlplus or something other than the web app? Maybe you can get more information on why it's hanging. Try using explain plan to see the steps it's taking.

    I haven't used intermedia a lot yet but do have it installed, once I get some time I'll run some test queries and see what I can find out.

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