hello everybody,

since i am not so expert in oracle administration i would appreciate your help to resolve the following 2 problems.

i have installed Oracle Application Server 10g 10.1.2 on Windows Server 2003 32 bit platform with 2 instances in my farm. the infrastracture and the BI&Forms.

1) due to an unsuccesful installation of BI (a disk write error occurred) i made deinstallation of BI selecting the product and pressing Deinstall button. This was a mistake as i read later on manual. This results in appearing in the farm a "dead" BI instance (instance its just displayed but cannot be clicked). its is not a problem but i wonder how i can remove it not to be displayed?

2) When working localy on the server machine i can hit on EM url and then click on the instances. No problems here. But when i connect to EM from other PC i connect to EM but then when i press on an instance i get "Page Can not be displayed". It is a problem concerning the domain name.

The EM url is http:\\hostname.[domainname]:18100

When i click on an EM instance then it hits the http:\\hostname.18100 (its doenst take the domain name) and there fore internet explorer shows the "The page cannot be displayed".

How i could configure this?

thank you in advance