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Thread: indexes are in N/A status

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    Question indexes are in N/A status

    Hi All,
    I have created an index on a partition table. But the index is in N/A status, Index is composite index (on 6 columns). All columns are there in table.

    How can i make it in valid status ?

    Thanks in advance

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    look in user_ind_partitions, not user_indexes

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    This is normal. You have created local indexes for a partitioned table.
    SQL> Create table emp (
      2  Emp number,
      3  Name varchar2(20))
      4  Partition by range (emp)
      5  (Partition emp1 values less than (100),
      6  Partition emp2 values less than (200),
      7  Partition emp3 values less than (300));
    Table created.
    SQL> select index_name from user_indexes where table_name='EMP';
    no rows selected
    SQL> CREATE INDEX ind_emp ON emp(emp) LOCAL;
    Index created.
    SQL> select index_name ,status from user_indexes where table_name='EMP';
    INDEX_NAME                     STATUS
    ------------------------------ --------
    IND_EMP                        N/A
    SQL> select INDEX_NAME,PARTITION_NAME,STATUS from user_ind_partitions;
    INDEX_NAME                     PARTITION_NAME                 STATUS
    ------------------------------ ------------------------------ --------
    IND_EMP                        EMP2                           USABLE
    IND_EMP                        EMP3                           USABLE
    IND_EMP                        EMP1                           USABLE
    See the USER_IND_PARTITIONS for the actual STATUS.
    Thomas Saviour(royxavier@yahoo.com)
    Technical Lead (Databases)
    Thomson Reuters (Markets)


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