I'm a newbee with oracle I'm using Oracle 8i (8.1.6) on win2kserver that I set up at my house to get ready for school jan 8 for DBA certification so I can practice at home.
Here is my question.

I have 4 .txt files with data (example of one is):
This is the data in a .txt file that I have.
I want to insert it into a table that I created with the consol manager and used the create tabel wizard called COSTCAT
I have already created the tabels specifications like number, varchar2 for each column. Is there a way to import or load the data into the empty table that I have allready created and set up for that specific data. I created for different tables and each one is set up for that specific data .txt file that I want to put in the table. I tried to use the data management load wizard but I dont understand the part in the wizard were it asks me to specify the full path and name of the control file on the database server machine which is used to describe what will be loaded and how. If I already created the table with the imformation on how the table is to be set up how can I just transfer the data to each individual table for that txt file.
Any help would be nice.
Thanks in advance.

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