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    I granted some people DBA priviledges but I just realized that, I want them to do everything with the exception of modify a table. What is the best thing to do in order for them to do everything but not to modify a table?

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    You could do something like:

    -- Create a role

    $ sqlplus system/manager
    SQL> create role user_role;

    -- Grant all the necessary the previliges to this role
    SQL> grant select, insert, update, delete on emp to user_role;

    -- Grant this role to the users
    SQL> grant user_role to scott;

    Hope this helps!

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    When you say "modify a table" do you mean insert,update, delete data? If so:
    1. create role READONLY;
    2. grant select any table to READONLY;
    3. grant READONLY to userA;

    If you mean don't let the users modify the structure of the table, but allow them to change any of the data then:
    1. create role USE_ALL_TABLES;
    2. grant select any table to USE_ALL_TABLES;
    3. grant insert any table to USE_ALL_TABLES;
    4. grant delete any table to USE_ALL_TABLES;
    5. grant update any table to USE_ALL_TABLES;
    6. grant USE_ALL_TABLES to userA;
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