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Thread: Regarding Monitoring Database changes ...

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    Regarding Monitoring Database changes ...

    Hi Frns,
    I need some small help from u. Here is my problem. In my oracle database there is one schema say "scott".
    I am not running my database in Archive log mode nor i turned on my auditing on scott user account. Now see,
    Assume that i have logged in as scott user and not performed any DML operations for say one hour. After one hour assume that i
    have updated salaries of all employees(say sal=sal+1000) in EMP table. Now question is , as a DBA can i know what changes
    have been made on objects which belongs to scott user. Is there any dynamic performance view to check whether what changes
    have been made by what users and and what time they made the modifcations to the database. Can we get this informatlion.

    or else is there any tool from which we can get this info.

    Pls help me.Its urgent for me to know this.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    There are few ways to accomplish ur requirement,

    1) Audit the DML actions
    2) Write after trigger on the tables which requires auditing, and store the results in a table.

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    look in v$sql

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    Oracle Flashback features will give you transaction information ( if you are in 10g) within UNDO_RETENTION period.
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    Logminer. May help depending upon your redo log size and amounts of data you've processed.

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