hello all .
I have some questions and i really appreciate if somebody can help me in this:

i am using oralce application server 10g that connects to an application called BAKS .

1- there are some jar files needs to be loaded on the client for first use, and then should be cached on the client to prevent reloading it from the server. I found that almost all jar files can not be cached due to the setting on the Application Server .... Is their a way to cache these jar files on the client and Is it configured from the client side or the server side .

2- the application make use of screen and icons ; all screen need some images and icons, these images and icons should be compressed to a jar file corresponding to there screen and should be cached on the client ... Is their a way to do that and keep them on the clinet machine

3- There is a time consumed for the navigation between objects inside a single screen
For the above, and depending , can we make a reference jar file that contains the list of jar file and relative screen, means the user that run screen A, need not to download the jar files used by screen B, C and so on.

Thank you for you help