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    Partition Deletion - Resize probelm


    Perhaps this would be very simple for you, could anyone give Corrections to this problem.

    Two tables (Table_x and Table_y) write to a partition called Test_Partition200604

    The objective is to truncate the data form these two tables (which are specific to the partition) and then reclaim space

    Commands used are:

    Alter table Table_x truncate partition Test_Partition200604 update global indexes;

    Alter table Table_y truncate partition Test_Partition200604 update global indexes;

    Alter database datafile '/u02/oradata/MySystem/db02/MySystem_TestPartition200604.dbf' resize 1100M;

    (the first two commands the tables were successfully truncated)
    - The Resize command fails and displays the following error message:

    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-03297: file contains used data beyond requested RESIZE value

    I have found the observation as :

    The tablespace map is checked and we find a block is still occuppied in the initial space; how do we remove this block id so the truncate will truly be successful.

    Thanks to everyone.

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    Have you looked at dba_extents to check what objects are represented by extents that encroach into the area you're trying to remove?

    It could be that the first extent of opne of those partitions is "higher" than you think, in which case you could execute a move to get it closer to the start of the data file.
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    Partitions Problem

    Thanks very much. It has solved most of the problem.

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