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Thread: merging 2 oracle databases

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    >How much downtime can you actually tolerate?
    We can actually bring the databases down for say 30-35 hours on the weekend if required.

    Do you have any long, long/raw, clob or blob columns in your data?
    >NO...its just plain data.....but have huge tables (4-5 tables) containing almost 10 million records each....

    Is your data timestamped?
    >What do you mean by timestamped?

    ixion...thanks for your suggestions....will think over them and get back to you....


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    Does your data have date/time columns like created_on and/or last_mod_on?

    With this you could pick a point in time to copy rows to the new db, backfill using the timestamps, then switch your client/app to the new db with very little downtime. But you've got GOBS of time. Lucky...

    The nice thing about your scenario is that you can do a test migration on your new hardware.

    I'd consider pre-building your tables before you import. It's a good time to look at compression (requires a rebuild or a direct path load to actually compress .. I believe), Index Orgainzed Tables, uniform extents, etc.

    So many things to consider. 30 hours ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by reddybc
    ixion...thanks for your suggestions....will think over them and get back to you....
    PM Sent.

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