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    Create sequence script


    I've to remove the existing sequences in a schema & then i've to recreate
    those sequences with START WITH to old sequences current value.

    I've written a script as follows,to recreate current sequences after droppping them,

    select 'create sequence ' || sequence_name || ' start with ' ||
    ' increment by ' || INCREMENT_BY || ' minvalue ' || MIN_VALUE ||
    ' maxvalue ' || MAX_VALUE || ' CACHE ' || CACHE_SIZE || ' ' || case when cycle_flag='Y' then ' CYCLE ' end
    from user_sequences;

    Now the problem in this script is,I'm not able to set START WITH current values of the sequence,

    I tried with LAST_NUMBER,but it doesn't work for sequence which set with CACHE option.

    So,correct my script & guide me to get a script,that gives what i needed.


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    Obviously this has to be done when no one else is using your application.

    I think all you can do is take NEXTVAL from the sequence.
    "The power of instruction is seldom of much efficacy except in those happy dispositions where it is almost superfluous" - Gibbon, quoted by R.P.Feynman

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