Hi All,

Oracle version information:

TNS for Linux: Version - Production
TCP/IP NT Protocol Adapter for Linux: Version
Linux 2.4.21-37

Problem Description:
We keep having tnslistener as well as CM crashes on one server XYZ, but we do not face the same issues on other server. It would appear there may be some setups or tuning that needs to be done on auohsinba to make it more stable.

RAC enabled the instance recently which added the second PCP node of on the affected server XYZ.

When the listener crashes it takes down the CM and causes performance issues in the instance.

Per sqlnet.ora file below is the error :

Fatal NI connect error 12521

Time: 18-APR-2006 14:37:42
Tracing not turned on.
Tns error struct:
nr err code: 0
ns main err code: 12564
TNS-12564: TNS:connection refused
ns secondary err code: 0
nt main err code: 0
nt secondary err code: 0
nt OS err code: 0

Could anyone out there please share his experience and what configuration setup needs to be changed if required.

Thanks for your time.