v$parameters vs v$nls_parameters
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Thread: v$parameters vs v$nls_parameters

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    v$parameters vs v$nls_parameters

    Could someone explain why the NLS_DATE_FORMAT value in v$parameters and v$NLS_PARAMETERS not return the same value?

    in v$paramters, NLS_DATE_FORMAT=DD-MON-YY
    in v$nls_parameters , NLS_DATE_FORMAT=YYYY-MM-DD

    Although, the parameter is entered in the init.ora, should they not have the same value?

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    V$NLS_PARAMETERS shows current value of NLS_DATE_FORMAT. V$PARAMETER shows NLS database parameters set via the init or spfile.

    The session settings override the database NLS settings. The value is derived from NLS_TERRITORY value if it is not set.

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