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    Forms 10g compiler crashes.


    I am having trouble migrating my app from 8i to 10g especially in oracle forms (6i -> 10.2)
    Following is the setup I have.
    Application database: Oracle 10.2 (g)
    Remote database: Oracle 8.1.7
    forms builder:[32 Bit] Version
    OS: Windows XP professional (SP1)

    We access a table on remote database using database link. Here's how we do it.
    1. We have a synonym for the remote database table. The name of synonym is different than the one of actual remote table.
    2. We use this synonym in our forms to update the remote table.

    The arrangement worked fine till 8i.

    Now in 10g, the link is working OK. when we access the synonym via sqlplus or TOAD, theres no problem.

    however when I try to compile the form using this synonym, the form builder simply crashes! The error : 'Oracle Forms Designer has encountered a problem and needs to close....'

    The error signature is: appname: frmbld.exe appver:
    ModName: orapls10.dll Modver: offset: 00096709

    We tried renaming the synonym to match the exact name of remote table. We also tried to access the table directly using table@dilink..
    we also created a synonym for synonym and that failed too!

    if I create a database procedure of the code in forms which uses the remote table and call that procedure from forms, it works fine.

    If I create a view for remote table and use this view, it works fine.

    I am lost as to what is happening here...

    Can anybody help? I would like to stick to my orignal code.

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    I suspect this as a BUG.Please check on metalink.


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