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Thread: How to view BLOB data

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    Hi, all
    When I do the following statement, I get
    SQL> select xmlbody from messagearchive;
    SP2-0678: Column or attribute type can not be displayed by SQL*Plus
    SQL> !oerr sp2 0678
    00678, 0, "Column or attribute type can not be displayed by SQL*Plus\n"
    // *Cause:
    // *Action:
    The datatype for xmlbody is BLOB
    Could anyone tell me how to view BLOB data from sqlplus?
    Thanks for help.

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    To the Oracle8 Server, a LOB's value is unstructured and cannot be queried against. You have to use dbms_lob package to read BLOB. Read Metalink Document 61737.1 for more detail.

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