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Thread: adding datafile

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    Hello people,
    My tablespace is running out of space so I have decided to add nother datafile.
    My original datafile looks like this:

    After I have added another datafile e.g.

    Is the first datafile going to look like
    /u04/0rac06/d_dtatfile/work1.dbf automaticaaly after I have added the second datafile or I have to manually change it to look like this /u04/0rac06/d_dtatfile/work1.dbf instead of this

    The reason why I am asking is that I want both datafiles to look like this:

    still learning,

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    It won't automatically be named work1.dbf you would have to do that manually.

    alter tablespace work offline;
    host cp /u04/Ora06/d_dtafile/work.dbf /u04/Ora06/d_dtafile/work1.dbf
    alter database rename datafile '/u04/Ora06/d_dtafile/work.dbf' to '/u04/Ora06/d_dtafile/work1.dbf'
    alter tablespace work online;

    Once you're sure it's running you should be able to just remove work.dbf

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    After you add more datafiles into a tablespace, your
    original data file names will NOT be changed automatically.

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