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    Hi there,
    i'm using oracle 8i v8.1.6 on WinNT.
    I need a script/stored Proc to create a complete Backup of the DB including all Data inside it.
    DB is for use in Company.
    Now i need to stop all work in the company,
    create a backup of the DB incl. Data and take these Data to
    an outsourced Call Center where I install the database again and let them work with it for 2 or 3 weeks.
    After that time i stop the work at the call center, create a backup of the (now grown) Database, uninstall Oracle at the call center and install the DB once again at the cmpany, killing the old Database.

    Can anyone help me,please ??????


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    You could do this in a few ways.

    The easiest would probably be just to take a full cold backup of the database, transfer all the files to the new machine, then re-open the database from the cold backup.

    Another way which some might say is easier is to just take a full export of the database, transfer the dump file, then import into the new database.

    Depending on requirements you could do it with hot backups and archived logs, or replication, or any number of more complicated procedures.

    I would aim for just transferring a full cold backup though. (Assuming once you move the database once, no work will be done on the older one until it's brought back. If they need work they will have to be able to recover it after you bring back the new database).

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