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Thread: Regarding Archive log files .....

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    Regarding Archive log files .....

    Hi Team,

    I need some real time stuff how does at Enterprise level one backup and restore archived log files?

    What kind strategies do they follow.

    I want know more on this topic. Can anyone please help me out.

    Please dont say that we take the backup's of archives on tapes and CD's. What i want to know is that how exactly the Database Adminstrator's
    restore the backup of the archives generated and how many sets of Archived log file Backups are generally maintained in the Production Environment.

    I just want to know various strategies that would be implemented especially on Archive log files are concerned.

    Best Regards

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    most people leave them on the server for as long as possible but back them up to tape at the same time. This is to ensure if a restore needs to be done of a recent backup the files are still on disk.

    But they are also on tape as well in case of emergency. How they get restored is up to the backup method, if using rman it will know which archive files it needs and restore them if needed

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