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    Doubts on Oracle space management

    Hi Gurus,

    I understood that the basic logical setup in oracle goes like this
    1.Tablespace -> Segment ->Extent -> Oracle Blocks -> o/s Blocks
    Datafile (Physical structure)

    I have few doubts
    01.Does Oracle allocates the Oracle blocks in serial to the segments ?
    02.Is there any possiblility for the unused blocks in an extent in between ? i mean blocks not filled in serial ? If so what is the solution to reclaim that unused space?

    03.Whether truncate and delete (committed) both release the space used earlier by the rows?

    Thanks & regards,

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    1. Oracle allocate block serially for an extent and many extents ( may not be serial or may be) a segment
    2. A delete may leave blocks unfilled. To space re-claim rebuild table
    3. Release freeaspace to tablespace => rebuild table

    Sounds you need to read Concepts, especially!

    Thomas Saviour(royxavier@yahoo.com)
    Technical Lead (Databases)
    Thomson Reuters (Markets)


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