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Thread: log_archive_format

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    Jun 2000
    I'm running on NT4, and my log_archive_format is set to the default ('%%oracle_sid%%T%TS%S.arc')

    My alert file is giving me the following message

    Log sequence in archive filename wrapped
    to fix length as indicated by %S in LOG_ARCHIVE_FORMAT.
    Old log archive with same name might be overwritten.

    The default value makes the %S 5 digits with leading zeros. Can I make it 6 digits with leading zeros ?

    Otherwise I will have to use %s which will not have the leading zeros.


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    Nov 2000
    I have a database with NT4 and my archive logs do have leading zeros but there are only 5 digits. :-(

    To fix the problem I would shut down and do a cold backup, then start up with the RESETLOGS option. Also you might want to make your redo logs bigger so this problem doesn't come up as often.

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