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    sp2-0223 error unable execute the qurey from sql*plus

    Hello there,
    i have query which runs more than 40lines
    i get the error SP2-0223,i am unable to find a solution googling the error
    However i am able to run through toad
    if any of u know the solution
    plz help


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    write the query correctly?

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    Is this the error ?

    oerr sp2 223
    00223,0, "No lines in %s buffer.\n"
    // *Cause: There are no lines stored in the buffer.
    // *Action: Enter SQL statements into the buffer.

    You get that if you go into sql*plus and type in a "/" without having entered an SQL statement into the buffer:

    SQL> /
    SP2-0103: Nothing in SQL buffer to run.

    Make sure you have one script with your SQL script in it. The SQL should either end with a ";" or have a "/" on a blank line immediately following it (but not both).

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    probelm was with spacing

    Hello there,
    thax for ur support,i later observed that while copying the query to sql*plus,it has copied as single line query(i.e)entire query(content) which can span upto 35+ lines,was occupied in single line,which i feel
    cannot b buffer,
    i recopied after spacing the query appropriatly&now its working

    [oracle@###oracle]$ wc -l a.sql
    2 a.sql
    [oracle@### oracle]$ wc -l b.sql
    35 b.sql
    [oracle@### oracle]$ ls -lh a.sql
    -rwxr--r-- 1 oracle oinstall 5.0K May 24 11:21 a.sql
    [oracle@### oracle]$ ls -lh b.sql
    -rw-r--r-- 1 oracle oinstall 5.0K May 24 11:23 b.sql

    thanx for the support

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