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    Oracle System Files


    I was reading Expert Oracle Database 10g Administration by Sam Alapati, in which he defines an Oracle database: An Oracle database consists of files, both data files and Oracle system files. My question is: what is the reason behind calling the other related files Oracle "system" files. Aren't these "database" files, rather than Oracle system (internal to the Oracle RDBMS) files. What is the reason behind calling them Oracle "system" files. Is this a misnomer or am I missing a point? Please clarify.


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    The author is indicating that an Oracle database consists of data files, control files & redo log files. He makes note that, in addition to these files, the database makes use of other operating "system files" such as init/spfile file, password file, alert log files, etc.

    You will see Oracle defining a database as "a collection of data that is treated as a unit" and "consisting of three file types (data files, control files & redo log files)". They do not include the other "system files" (defined above) as part of the database definition.

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