Hello all,

I got two ORA-1146's signalled during backing up two datafiles. I noticed when querying v$backup after the backup finished:

SQL> select * from v$backup;

---------- ------------------ ---------- ---------
1 NOT ACTIVE 115001425 10-MAY-06
2 NOT ACTIVE 115001443 10-MAY-06
3 NOT ACTIVE 115001494 10-MAY-06
4 NOT ACTIVE 115001505 10-MAY-06
5 NOT ACTIVE 114373811 09-MAY-06
6 NOT ACTIVE 115001544 10-MAY-06
7 NOT ACTIVE 115001443 10-MAY-06
8 NOT ACTIVE 114373842 09-MAY-06
9 NOT ACTIVE 115002590 10-MAY-06

The ora-1146 happened for files 5 and 8 respectively. I looked up the error and this was the explanation given:

// *Cause: When starting an online backup it was noticed that an online backup
// was already started for one of the data files.
// *Action:End the first backup before beginning another.

However, i checked at the time and no other backup was going on. Also does this mean that the current backup I have is not valid as the dates for the two dbfs are not current? How do i resolve this?

Confused and will be grateful for some advise,

Thanks in advice,