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    use IBE_CUSTOMER and IBE_ADMINISTRATOR responsibilities


    when i attempt to use the IBE_CUSTOMER responsibility in the Oracle Applications Manager i get this message :

    "There are no valid navigations for this responsibility

    Cause: Application Object Library was unable to load the menu for the current responsibility.
    Cause: The menu compilation has failed.
    Cause: There is no valid menu defined for this responsibility.
    Cause: There are no navigable forms associated with this responsibility.

    Action: Contact your system administrator. Ensure that a valid menu, containing navigable forms, is defined for the
    responsibility. Ensure that the menu is correctly compiled."

    Other thing, when i use any function (category, product, templates,...) within the IBE_ADMINISTRATOR responsibility, i get this message :

    "Invalid Function. Please contact the System Administrator"

    The user account has no problems and its working fine with the other responsibilites. Can anyone please help me.

    Thanks a lot.
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    Dummy menu attached by Oracle


    Most probably cause 3.

    Cause : There is no valid menu defined for this responsibility.

    Must be dummy menu if no one has done amendment on it.

    Give feedback.


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