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Thread: How to determine local or global partitioned index

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    How to determine local or global partitioned index

    I'm new to partitioning tables and I have a need to add new partitions to the existing table. The partitions are monthly with the last partition having a month/year of 2025. (NOT max value). The partition key is current date so I will be adding new partitions for May, June, July, etc. Since the upper partition is 2025 I think I need to split this partition and create May and the 2025 partition. Then to add June, I will need to Split 2025 again,...and so on. The problem is that there are indexes associated with this table and I'm not sure if they are global or local. When I use enterprise manager and right click (create like). It shows that they are local. But these indexes have partitions. I didn't think local indexes have partitions also. Is there a way I can tell if they are local or global.

    Ultimately, I'm trying to determine If I will need to also split the index partition and if I need to re-build any indexes (Unusable, etc...).

    Any help would be appreciated

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    An index is considered local when the number of it's partitions matches the number of partitions of the table it is referencing. Global indexes can have partitions too, but just a different number than it's referencing table. There is a column in dba_indexes which will tell you whether an index is local or global, and this question was answered here less than a week ago (by jmodic I think), so search and you shall find.
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