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Thread: session PGA memory

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    session PGA memory


    We are running the server in MTS / shared server - version is oracle

    When I login to the db i.e either SQLPLUS or TOAD, the TOAD session takes around 11MB of session PGA memory, and the SQLPLUS session takes 2MB. Is there any parameter impact with this?. These connected sessions are just idle but still it takes 11mb and 2mb.

    Please let me know what is the relation with the size?. And today I observed that login to the SQLPLUS (just connected to db and it is idle), this session PGA memory

    It has taken nearly 9 MB. The same thing is happening for the aspnet_wp.exe sessions. For more info you can refer the excel sheet which I sent you yesterday.

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    how are you calculating these numbers - and what spreadsheet? You didnt post anything here yesterday

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    It is bound to depend a lot on the TOAD start-up options.
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