Dear all,

Iím actually involded in configuring Mercury ICT Governance Tool. In more detail I faced problems in configuring the execution steps.

Letís suppose I have a field named total cost and I have another field named current cost.

What I would perform is to dinamically execute a check in which the tool automatically verifies that total cost minus curret cost is greater than zero and conseguently authorize the user to proceed with the subsequent task.

I tried to use token in order to perform this task but I didnít succeed to correctly define the right command. I have noticed that in Mercury itís possibile to define a command either with SQL either with UNIX. What I would know is which language I have should use and how.

I would really appreciate if anybody of you can give me a practical example on this problem.

Any help is also usefulÖ..

Please answer me as soon as you receive it......

Best regards