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Thread: PL\SQL exam??

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    Hi All

    Just a question, for you all, if i knew the STS questions 100% and other questions from Brain Dumps, as well as a good knowledge of the ILT manuals, would it be enough to pass the intro to PL/SQL test for ora 8?

    Thanks in advance for anybody who is willing to help.
    Carpe Diem

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    That should be enough if you have practiced on Oracle. STS tests for PL/SQL are MUCH simpler than the real test. I didn't have the ILT's but read several books and practiced and passed and now have my OCP.

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    When I went to take the PL/SQL exam I had done the following.

    -- Taken a class on PL/SQL at a community college
    --Read about 700pp on PL/SQL
    -- written about 35 to 40 scripts
    --taken the STS program until i scored 100% on all 296 questions --

    I scored about 85% on the test, but I felt that the way Oracle worded the test was very tricky. A solid foundation of all of the things on the DBA Checklist on the OCP pages at oracle would be most crucial to passing the test.

    I agree with CBW.. STS is no indication on how well you will do on the real exam.. unfortunately.. but it is a good way to know whether or not you are at least prepared to take it. If you are scoring poorly in STS, I would suggest going over the DBA checklist and make sure you feel comfortable with all of that.

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