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    RMAN interacting with Tivoli


    We are new to using rman interacting with Tuvalu.
    I have some questions or doubts. If anyone use the same environment, please shed me a light. Thanks!

    Our current situation like this:
    We plan to delete all the backup pieces older than30 days
    due to the physical capacity
    1) Does it necessarily need to schedule a job to delete all the
    backups older than 3o days using something like :
    change backup piece '' delete;?

    Before we used sql*backtrace as our backup tool, It can automatically expires the old backup copies and the Tivoli will automatically reuse the space taken by the old backups. It does not
    need any extra work to delete the old backups.
    But our Tivili person told me that rman with Tivoli is different.
    We need to delete them from RMAN.

    2) I met this issue:
    for one database, from the sqlplus query,
    there are a lot of backup piece status is active.
    But when I try to delete them from the rman using
    change backuppiece 'bk_584087630_3533_1' delete;
    I got the following error:
    RMAN-06004: ORACLE error from recovery catalog database: RMAN-20260: backup piece not found in the recovery catalog

    Does this mean that
    maybe someone unregistered this database from the catalog at some time? So the catalog has no information about these backups.
    Now we are facing the tape full issue. Then
    3) How can I delete all these backups from the Tivoli to
    free the space?


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