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    Angry Help Enforce Data Integrity Problem In Forms Builder

    I have a distributed database and i am trying to creete master-detail relations between 5 table ,let's say the tables are:
    I have a master detail relation between:
    T1 and T2
    T1 and T3
    T3 has composed Primary Key (2 columns) the relations with T1 it use just one column of T3's PK
    Things are ok here,the records are sincronized
    I have a master detail relation between:
    T3 and T4
    T4 and T5
    The T3-T4 relation use the other column of T3's PK
    Here ,there are problem the tables T4 and T5 are not populated

    Another ppoblem that i encountered is when i create data blocks.
    I've created 3 data blocks on the form using enforce data integrity option and it was ok,when i tryied to create data blocks T4,T5
    with the same option, at the end of the create data block wizard forms builder sudenly exits ,no error, nothing.
    Then i've created the data blocks T4,T5 without enforce data integrity option it created the blocks,then in property palete i set the option key mode to unique , enforce primary key to yes and specified the colums that are primary key.
    Tables T1,T2 are in one database and T3,T4,T5 are in other database.I do not have foreign keys;

    Could this be the problem why my blocksT4 and T5 are not populated?
    How can i deal with it?
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