Ora-1406 Very Very Urgent!!
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Thread: Ora-1406 Very Very Urgent!!

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    Ora-1406 Very Very Urgent!!

    Hi All,
    I need ur help again and the need is very very urgent. Iam using Oracle 9i and my issue with Oracle is as below..

    I had written a procedure sometime back wherin I first declare a cursor then use "cursor for loop" to insert the fetched rows to a table. The procedure was working well all this time in production but suddenly from past two days I have been facing the error ORA-1406 FETCHED COLUMN VALUE WAS TRUNCATED. Could anyone please help me on this issue.
    Further, I checked the problem by writing some log statements in the procedure. I could see that, the control passed into the loop and executed the first loop, made an insert in the tble and then failed with the error at the beginning of the second loop before the loop could actually start.
    The only most recent change I have done is that I have changed the feild width and variable type( from number(5,0) to varchar2(20)) in the source table(From clause of CURSOR SELECT query) in my instance. Could this be a reason for this error?

    Please let me know. Thanks in advance
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