I'm receiving an error in the Oracle install program that I'm seeking help for. The install program gets to the Configuration Assisstants window and completes the Oracle Net Configuration Assistant and iSQL*Plus Configuration Assistant successfully, but during the progress of the Oracle Database Configuration Assistant, another window pops up with a progress bar, and when this progress bar hits 2%, I receive an error message stating "ORA-12638 Credential Retrieval Failed."

If I keep clicking the Ignore button for this error msg, the progress bar keeps moving and I can get it to 100%. But when it reaches 100%, I receive the following msg: "Enterprise manager configuration failed due to the following error- 'job_queue_processes' must be greater or equal to 1. Fix the error(s) and run EM Configuration Assistant again in standalone mode. You can retry configuring this database with Enterprise Manager later by manually running c:\oracle\product\10.1.0\Db_4\bin\emca script.

First, why would I get the original ORA-12638 error during this install? Second, how do I set job_queue_processes equal to 1? Third, how would I start the EM Configuration Assistant in standalone mode?

I have a Symantic firewall, but I turned it off prior to starting the installation.

Thanks for your help.