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    Advice for application development


    I would like to create an application reading, displaying and handling geographical data (object selection, data analysis, table creation ...) stored in Oracle Spatial 10g tables and especially in networks built using the Oracle Spatial Network Creation Model. Being a new GIS developer and new to Oracle technologies, I wish to have some advice for a development tool which would make it possible to create this kind of application (for information, I develop with Visual Studio and SQL Developer). A tool which would already include basic functionalities (such as: in a display window: zoom, positioning, graphic object selection...) would be welcomed because it could save me some time if I don't have to develop these primary functions.

    I've heard about MapInfo MapX, but according to what I have read in several technical documents, Oracle data access is only possible with version 8i (unfortunately, I have the 10g).
    I've already developed with SQL Developer several procedures by using procedures or functions of SDO_NET and SDO_NET_MEM packages, and I would like to be able to use them in the final application.

    I also use Oracle Network Editor to visualize and to make some analysis on Oracle Spatial 10g modelled networks. Do you know if it's possible to keep the core of this application and add additional functionalities to it?

    Lastly, I've heard about JDeveloper. Would this environment bring me solutions to my problems?

    By advance, thank you very much for your help!

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    Too many questions for me to answer, but for GIS look at ArcGIS
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    Thanks for your reply.

    I think that my compagny doesn't want to use (and buy) ArcGIS technologies because we already have Oracle and MapInfo technologies.

    Are you sure you can't answer to my questions ? Are you a Oracle, MapInfo or ArcGIS user ?

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    I've found MapObjects which is a developer tool ESRI product. Do you know this solution ?

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