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Thread: Accessing 2 databases (10g) on Win XP

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    Accessing 2 databases (10g) on Win XP


    Have created 2 databases with Oracle 10g on a single PC. The fist at install, the second later with Database Assistant.

    Enterprise manager (also called Database Control) is always accessing the first one, even ORACLE_SID is set to the second one in registry.

    Have I to type another address than http://localhost:1158/em to access the second database ?

    Thanks in advance for reply.

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    Check %ORACLE_HOME%\install\portlist.ini

    That file will tell you which port number is using for which instance.

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    Otherwise, I found in the browser the following address filled in the address bar :

    http:// localhost:1158/em/console/database/instance/sitemap?event=doLoad&target=base1&type=oracle_database

    So I have created a copy of the link for OEM, put this url in the "URL" field on the link, changed "base1" to "base2", and I get a correct link to open OEM for "base2".

    Starting and shutdowning the correct database (or both) may be done with SQL*Plus, connect sys/psw@base1 (or 2) as sysdba, then startup or shutdown.

    Thanks again and good evening.

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