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    We are trying to import a .DBF file which was created by a DB2 based proprietary system.

    I can open the file in Access failrly easily. I know I can do an Access export into Oracle (via ODBC) but we want to do this automatically using the imp (or sqlldr) command.

    I tried imp, but the file is not an Oracle export.

    Oracle docs have stuff about DB2 compatibility with doing an import, but I cannot seem to make it work. It talks about using commands like:
    resume (yes)
    log yes

    But it doesn't work. Any ideas on this?


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    You could use the sqlldr to import the file on to oracle. One of the issues on using sqlldr is that the file has to be a flat one. So what you could do is that write a cron job that would flush the records into a flat file and then use the sqlldr to load it on to the tables. Fixed filed format of the flat file would help you to load the data into multiple tables in a single run.


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