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    Hi, I would Like to set up a webpage, for customers to take a look the database statistics for the Database, has some done something like that on the internat?
    so ppl internal can acess the information, is there a tool to do this, that makes it eazy, on my life?
    Rahul Khana

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    Madrid, Spain
    Oracle Portal has a few portlets (small piece of software in Java or PL/SQL) incorporated for Database Administration and includes Database statistics.
    Itīs easy to setup, you just need a repository in a 8.1.6 database for Portal.
    Although Portal is probably not made for this purpose though but it can solve the problem you have...

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    there is a free tool called orasnap that might be what you are looking for. It is a tool which runs as a batch job to collect statistics about your database and then puts the result into a web page. it is pretty slick.


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