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    Oracleorahome92agent service won't start

    I set up an Oracle Managment Server on one of my servers to administer several DB's from one area. I went to Navagator-Discover Nodes and went to discover the local node and another server which is on my company LAN. The error message I get isVNI-4009 cannot contact agent on the node. I can PING the server. So I dont think it is a conectivity issue. I can oppen sqlplus and log into a database on the other server. I went to the services on the other machine and saw that the Oracleorahome92agent service isn't started. I figured that is my problem. Question 1- is it? I tried to start it and it won't start. I get the following error when I try to start it. Could not start the Oracleorahome92agent service on local computer. The service didn't return an error. This could be an internal windows error or internal service error.
    The service is set to start up with the LocalSystem account. any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    Yep, the agent not running would cause your problem.

    On the target machine, do you have something like a OracleSNMPPeermasteragent service? Start that, and then the agent. If the agent starts, try rediscovering.

    If the agent doesn't start, go on the target machine, and can you look in $ORACLE_HOME/network/logs (where oracle_home is where you installed the agent) and have a look at nmiconf.log, dbsnmp.log and agntsrvc.log, anything in them?


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