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    Career Path Of an Oracle DBA

    Dear All,
    Hello to each one of you for running this group in such a fantastic way.These questions are for each one of us who are either working as an oracle DBA or aspire to become one:

    1)What is the career path of an oracle DBA.To be more precise what should an oracle DBA look for after 5-10 yrs down the line in his career.What should his vision be as only being technical wont help in long term.

    2)We know about team leads and project managers in oracle technology only but what else should be expected out of an oracle DBA.

    3)Is it advisable if one gets an opportunity to go into Oracle Apps in the starting of his/her career.Does every oracle DBA aspire to get into Oracle Apps Technology or one should need to work as an Oracle DBA first.

    4)Would an MBA be upper edge for an oracle DBA in the long run.If yes,then how?

    5)Which one is better.Oracle DBA or working in
    Oracle Apps?

    Pls suggest,discuss and criticise the above points so that every Oracle DBA should have a vision and motive in the long run.

    Thanks in anticitpation.Awaiting for a reponse from everyone of you.Pls participate in this open discussion.I request this to all the genius DBA.


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    1) Career path in IT is the big question, I did Oracle to begin with. Today I have my hands in almost everything. Stay and maintain your base on the databases as dev languages come and go, databases remain.

    2) A Team Lead/Project Manager are cool jobs, I've done a few of them but they suck in the end. Too much of powerpoints and you end up sitting in all kinds of dumbass Project Meetings. So it is a choice, if you get paid more, sure go for it.

    3) No harm in expanding other Oracle related skills.

    4) Maybe, Maybe not. I did (a smal part of me still does) have a MBA plan but I'm not really sure if it really will help me get where I wanted to go. (I wanted to make a real change into the management world with my IT skills, I'm not sure now)
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    The answer to every question is just so personal that it is almost pointless asking the question. Personally, I never want to move into management and Oracle Apps annoy me, so my answers would be:

    1) Carry on doing what I do now or switch careers totally.

    2) Stay technical and don't get distracted by trying to become a bad manager.

    3) Oracle applications are a complete ball-ache, but the Oracle Apps DBA jobs pay well. If you care about cash, then it's a consideration. If you prefer to preserve your sanity then avoid them. Remember, the more skills you have, the bigger range of jobs available to you.

    4) If you plan of didtching DBA work and moving to paper-pushing, then an MBA is brilliant. If not, seems like a bit of a waste.

    5) Depends on where you stand. Personally, I prefer straight DBA work, but there is a lot of money in Apps DBA work. What is your motivaton?


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    Oracle APPS is probably the stuff which gives more pain in the a** to any oracle consultant. Then we have the Oracle Application Server which can be quite a pain as well although the later versions are getting ok but the policy of changing things in OracleAS every 3 quarters doesnt seem quite a good move.

    MBA is Business Administration. What kind of business is a DBA going to administaer...? May be can provide you good salary when you have decided stop being technical and forget about the Oracle World. But then again before that happens you must learn how business works. A DBA in fact is in a quite good position to learn business developments (personal experience).

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