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Thread: Oracle backups with Snapview

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    Oracle backups with Snapview

    What is the best method to backup an Oracle database with Snapview? I found the foll paper on Dell website, which says we need to do both, hot backups and rman. Hot backups, to backup the db and then rman to catalog it. Is that the best option? sounds confusing...

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    Great, an invalid URL.

    You can perform hot backups with RMAN. Not sure where the ambiguity is...
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    Sorry, if you click on the link above, it will give you invalid url, but if you copy/paste the above url, it will work. Please go over it, it is an interesting article.

    My confusion is because, when we use snapview, doing user managed hot backups is extremely fast, the whole backup is done is a few minutes. If we use rman in this scenario, it will take longer. The article also says the same thing and suggests we use a combination of both user managed hot backups and rman, but I am not totally convinced we need such a complicated scenario.

    Hence wanted to get your opinion (what is practically done in the industry) for this.


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