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Thread: raw device

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    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to convert adatafile from a raw device to a Unix filesystem. I
    began with a test on aplateform having the same verions of OS and DB as my
    production DB.
    I used the dd command
    dd if=<my inpout raw device> of=<my output datafile> bs=4096iseek=16
    db_block_size for our DB is 4K
    The file has been copiedsuccessfully but when I try to bring the associated
    tablespace online (afterrenamed the file), I am having this errors :
    ORA-01122: database file 5 failed verificationcheck
    ORA-01110: data file 5: '/prod7/law7/DB2ux2fsc/convert01.dbf'
    ORA-01251:Unknown File Header Version read for file number 5

    Thank you

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    Extracted from Note 23037.1
    6.0 How to convert file systems to raw partitions the only supported way.

    The following is the only supported way to convert an instance from a
    file system to use raw partitions:

    i. Export the tablespace

    ii. Recreate them on raw device

    iii. Import the tablespace

    Ramon Caballero, DBA, rcaballe@yahoo.com

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    Thanks for your reply, but I need to convert From Raw device to Filesystem, not the opposite,
    Thank you

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    If you used Vertias file system for Oracle you could have implemented a Veritas format, allowingyou to turn the DBF into a raw space.

    this might have helped.

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    Can't you do it the same way? Export everything in the tablespace on the raw device, re-create the tablespace to a file, and import? I'll admit I have no raw device experience but that seems like it should work.

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