Output is very slow
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Thread: Output is very slow

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    Mar 2006

    Output is very slow

    i am using oracle 9i with windows 2000 server
    nearly 50 users are using this server

    I am having table "Pp_Receive_Detail_Trn" contain 8 lakhs records

    if i am executing this qury

    select SUM(Pp_Receive_Detail_Trn.Received_Pieces),
    from Pp_Receive_Detail_Trn
    to_date(Pp_Receive_Detail_Trn.Prod_Rec_Date,'DD/MON/YY') >= '01/MAR/06' AND
    to_date(Pp_Receive_Detail_Trn.Prod_Rec_Date,'DD/MON/YY') <= '11/MAR/06'
    group by Pp_Receive_Detail_Trn.Process_Fk,Pp_Receive_Detail_Trn.Factory_Tbl_Fk

    it is taking nearly 10 secs

    this is very slow for our process...

    all the fields i have indexed

    pls give solution for this
    for coming result with speed

    If any database parameters i have to check pls tell me ???

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    whats the explain plan, have you traced it to find what you are waiting on?

    plus hardly anyone where will know what a 'lakh' is

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