I am currently trying to export a dump file from oracle 10G which will be imported into an oracle 9i instance on another server. There appears to be a bug in SQLDeveloper which chops the last column off each table when an SQL insert or SQL*loader file is generated.

The post at http://forums1.itrc.hp.com/service/f...hreadId=957611 says that this is possible by editing the tnsnames.ora file on the 9i server to refer to the 10g server and then use the exp on the 9i server like so: exp user/passwd@10g_connect_string

Presumably this is a valid approach to performing this data transfer, if not could someone please offer details as to why it's not?

The reason for this post is because the oracle (9i) instance into which i want to import the data has a number of other database instances and some other members of the development team are performing ongoing operations which i absolutely cannot interrupt or affect. My question, therefore, is: Is it safe to edit tnsnames.ora as outlined above, without having to restart oracle/interrupt operations on the other database instances/have any of the other instances know about the change? To put it another way, what are the consequences and required steps to perform after a tnsnames.ora edit in order to get the dbms to recognise it? Will saving my edits result in the exp command detailed above working correctly?

Any help much appreciated,