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Thread: How to list all tables form a database?

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    How to list all tables form a database?


    I try to list all tanles from a database, I have searched for this and have not found anything. In DB2, I can use "list tables", in MySQL I can use "show tables". Does Oracle have a corresponding command to do this? Thanks.

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    By "all" tables you mean regardless of owner? The dba_tables is what you need to query. If less than 100%, then variations of #1 below (restricted by owner for dba_ and all_) can be used.

    1) select table_name from dba/all/user_tables

    A quickie query for a user is:
    2) select * from tab;

    ("TAB is included for compatibility with Oracle version 5. Oracle Corporation recommends that you do not use this view.")

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    You can use tabs also...

    tab will result 'View' also, but tabs not.

    select table_name from tabs


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